Awards are most meaningful because they represent endorsement of quality by a jury of our peers.  


What really matters is that WonderWorks™ has been providing a quality product at reasonable cost for more than a third of a century!   It is why we are still thriving as a business in a tough and competitive field and during tough economic times.   Our NASA Space Shuttle, Apollo, Mercury, Gemini, Space Station, Spacesuits, Orion, CEV and Rutan's Spacehip One replicas are without peer.




Except for film company credits, all other Images and Text Copyright 2009 - WonderWorks™inc.

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Artist Of The Year - Brick Price

Banner Campaign - Los Angeles

Billboard - Bric kPrice Artist of the Year

Emmy - Brick Price

Star Trek Voyager

Saturn Award - Brick Price and Laura


Star Trek The Motion Picture

Maggie - Best New Magazine

Brick Price/ Laura Price - Publisher

Brick Price - Knight Commander

St.Constantine The Great

Brick and Laura Price Investiture with

Hollywood Mayor Johnny Grant, Ruth

Buzzi, Kent Perkins, Gary Wales and

Marilynn Wales.

Oscar Nomination -

The Abyss (as Part of crew)


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