WonderWorks™ inc  has been continuously in business for a third of a Century!    Since it's inception WonderWorks™ has created and rented accurate replicas of the Space Shuttle as well as fantasy spacecraft and spacesuits for TV and film.   Many  of our rentals use real space flight hardware modified to be user friendly for production companies.  As such, expensive technicians or equipment are not needed on location.  Every major space film in the past 33 years, which has featured the Shuttle, Mercury or Apollo, has done so using our replica rentals.   Recently, a UK reality show, "Space Cadets", had contestants believe for five days that they were in space and in a real Space Shuttle.   Rarely has a film set and prop had to perform for so long without a problem.  No one can top that caliber of realism and functionality!   These pages are random examples of some of our work including replicas of NASA SpaceSuits for rent , capsules, and NASA Space Shuttle Rental.   Our inventory includes replicas of Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Space Shuttle, Space Station (iSS and MIR), CEV/ Orion and even SpaceShip One.   This summer look for us in Night At The Museum II, Transformers II and Moonshot.


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Mercury Redstone Gantry Model

Centennial of Flight in New York -

Redstone Rocket

Mercury rental built for Olympics in


Mercury Redstone Rocket from

Astronaut Farmer

Mercury Capsule Full sized rental

Mercury Gantry Miniature in Race to


Mercury Gantry Miniature in Race to


Mercury Gantry Miniature in Race to

Space Pic.2

Mercury Redstone Miniature rental from

Race To Space

Mercury Space Capsule Rental

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