WonderWorks has built and rented Apollo, Mercury, Gemini, Shuttle and now CEV/ Orion spacecraft for every major film in the past 33 years that features real space.   These include Apollo 13, Transformers II (2009), etc.  See our Movie Credits for more.   Other companies claim they build for display and yet they use stock photos of real space craft.   Our pictures are of our sets and are verifiable as such.


We are building a full scale replica of the NASA CEV (Crew Exploration Vehicle).  Since it's inception WonderWorks™ has been creating and renting accurate replicas of the Space Shuttle as well as fantasy spacecraft for TV and film.   Many of our rentals use real space flight hardware modified so as to be user friendly for production companies.  As such, technicians are not needed on location.   WonderWorks™ has rentals for every American manned spacecraft.   The introduction of full sized replicas of the Orion CEV and Burt Rutan's SpaceShip One take us further into the future of space.   We currently have a similar outer capsule, real space suits and fully functional mid-deck/quarters ready to rent.  The actual CEV cockpit will be finished by this spring or can be mocked up now... 


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Except for film company credits, all other Images and Text Copyright 2009 - WonderWorks™inc.

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Mercury Capsule Replica Rental

Mercury Redstone illus 1

Mercury Redstone Model & Gantry

Mercury Capsule Interior Rental


Centennial Redstone Rocket 2

Centennial Redstone Rocket 3

Mercury Redstone Rocket

Mercury Redstone Rocket Full Size

Mercury Redstone W/O Interior

Mercury Redstone Rocket 3

Space Design Display  for Museum


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