WonderWorks™ is always searching for ways to improve it's already enviable position within the industry.   Towards that end we are constantly upgrading the items we rent and sell.  In as many cases as possible, we use real space-flight hardware obtained from Aerospace vendors and collectors worldwide.   If you have anything you feel might appeal to us, please contact Brick Price at brickprice@aol.com.   The following are items which we are actively seeking for a museum display in mainland China:


•  Bubble faced pressure or partial-pressure helmets in any condition.   Parts needed as well.   Can be Russian GSH-8, Chinese TK-4, Sokol, Orlan, American ACES, LOL or the like.


•  High-altitude pressure, or partial-pressure, Spacesuits or pilot suits.   Any associated hardware as well.


•  Apollo, Mercury, Gemini, Shuttle or fantasy suits and flight hardware for our rental use.   We are specifically looking for those items which can be seen readily such as switches, panels, guards, lights, seats, etc.   We don't need pieces that are out of sight such as pumps, fuel systems, etc.   We are not interested in autographed collector's items or historical pieces that belong in a museum such as the Smithsonian.


•  Large-Scale models and full-sized exhibits.


•  Graphics of any type including posters, patches, photos, etc.


Top dollar may be paid for those items we need currently.   Please contact us at the email address above with photos and cost.   All transactions will be in strictest confidence.


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