People are what count in a company, like WonderWorks™ inc., to provide a quality product at reasonable cost for more than a third of a century!   We have had more than 250 people contribute to our success over the years.   Many careers were launched or furthered as a result.   In turn, we feel that we have learned something of value from each person.   It is why we are still thriving as a business in a tough and competitive field.   Our NASA Space Shuttle, CEV, ARES, Orion, Apollo, Mercury, Gemini, Space Station, Spacesuits and Rutan's Spacehip One replicas and rentals are without peer.





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Brick Price - NASA promo

Laura Price at Launch of Spaceship One

Eamonn Price in LOL/ ACES spacesuit

Fictionworks Book/Script Deal

Moviescope cover

Moviescope Article 1

Moviescope Article 2

Moviescope Article 3

Credits and Articles

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