Over the course of nearly 30 years WonderWorks™ inc. has worked on many of the major motion pictures which feature real space.   These run the gamut of NASA's Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Space Station, Space Shuttle and now Burt Rutan's SpaceShip One and NASA's new CEV.   WonderWorks™ has the most extensive and authentic rentals available.  In addition, we can build any type of set to spec.




Except for film company credits, all other Images and Text Copyright 2009 - WonderWorks™inc.

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Astronaut Farmer


Astronaut Farmer 1  ©Warner

The Right Stuff

Apollo 13


Apollo 13


Abyss 1


Day After Tomorrow ver4


Deep Impact Vs.2


Magnicent Desolation


NASA Space Trek

Space Cowboys

©Warner Bros


©Touchstone Pictures

Back To The Future III


Back To The Future


Battlestar Galactica


BBC Space Odyssey

Blade Runner

Race To Space

©Lions Gate Films

Blown Away

Capricorn One

Day After Tomorrow ver8

The Core 1





Journey To The Center Of The Earth


The Rocketeer


Deep Impact


Space Camp ©

Odyssey Five

Tucker - The Man and His Dream


Project UFO ©

APOLLO 11- Men On The Moon


Project UFO 2   ©

Day After Tomorrow ver2

Blown Away 2  ©

Space Camp Lobby Poster


SpaceShip One




Star Trek - TMP


Star Trek Voyager


Star Trek Voyager


Star Trek Wrath Of Kahn


Stewardess School

The Core




Turbo Power Rangers

©Saban Entertainment



Space Cowboys Composite

©Warner Bros.

Rockets Red Glare

©Fox Family

Space Cadets


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